NEW PTS STUFF deathscreen,TR weapon sounds,LIB guns

Discussion in 'PS2 Main' started by VSDerp, Mar 11, 2014.

NEW PTS STUFF deathscreen,TR weapon sounds,LIB guns

Discussion in 'PS2 Main' started by VSDerp, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. VSDerp

    VSDerp .

    Aug 12, 2013

    Hey all -
    Public Test has been updated, you will find the following changes there:
    Revised death screen:
    • The death screen has been redone to provide more information. The following can now be seen:
      • A minimap displaying the killer’s and assistor’s relative position to yours
      • The killer’s and assistor’s weapon attachments
      • The killer’s and assistor’s last completed medal and ribbon count for the weapon they used to kill you
      • The killer’s ability and suit item
      • Your current progress towards your next medal and ribbon for your primary and secondary weapon
      • Up to 3 upcoming medals
      • Various session stats
      • A graph and XP event feed that summarizes your last life
    • The death screen can now stay up indefinitely. You can press any key to continue to the deployment screen after a couple seconds, however.

    Liberator Update
    • New Liberator Nose Gun: L24R Spur:
      • The L24R Spur is equipped with specialized optics that allows the pilot to adjust the weapons aim rather than be fixed forward.
    • New tail gun: Hyena Missile Launcher:
      • Hyena Missiles are compact, short range missiles that are dumb-fired, but will lock-on to enemy aircraft if they get close enough and inflict light damage.
    • New Belly Gun: D-75 Duster
      • The D-75 Duster is equipped with dual 75mm cannons that fire HE shells. While able to quickly unload its magazine of ten shells, each shot decreases targeting accuracy unless given time to recover. This allows the D-75 to feather accurate shots, or unload the magazine and bombard a wider area.
    • Tail Gun Improvements
      • The liberator tail gun has been adjusted to give it increased firing angles. It can now rotate 180 degrees but is forced to aim down when facing towards the front of the Liberator. This gives it some additional coverage to the bottom and sides of the Liberator.
    • Liberator Composite Armor:
      • Composite armor is receiving a buff for flak and now increases resistance to HEAT rounds, AP rounds and light anti-vehicle rounds (Zepher & Bulldog).
        • Flak resistance changed from (4/6/8/10) to (8/10/12/14) each rank
        • HEAT and AP round resistance added (15/20/25/30) each rank
        • Dalton Blast Damage resistance added (35/40/45/50) each rank
        • Light Tank Rounds resistance added (10/15/20/25) each rank
    • C150 Dalton
      • Inner radius blast damage decreased from 1000 damage to 700 damage.
      • In cases where this causes an increase in direct hits required to kill a target, the resistance to this damage was adjusted. Except for Liberators, Liberators will now be set on fire after two direct Dalton hits instead of destroyed.
    • L105 Zepher
      • Reload speed decreased from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Vektor
      • The fall off damage on the Vektor is being adjusted so it is not as steep. In addition, we are trading some projectile speed for increased RPM and magazine size. We think this will allow the Vektor to be useful in more situations.
        • Minimum damage increased from 150 damage to 250
        • RPM increased from 400 rounds per minute to 425
        • Magazine size increased from 50 to 75 rounds
        • Projectile speed decreased from 750 mps to 700 mps
        • Reload Speed Certification is now -0.2 seconds per rank up from -0.12 seconds
    • A30/G30 Walker
      • We are adjusting this weapon so that at closer range the damage is increased and the fall off damage is not as severe. Between 125 meters and 400 meters the weapon will be near identical to the previous version.
      • Maximum damage increased from 115 to 130
      • Max damage range decreased from 175 meters to 50 meters
      • Minimum damage increased from 75 to 85
      • Minimum fall off range decreased from 500 meters to 400 meters
    • G40-F Ranger
      • Weapon is underperforming, receiving the following adjustments
      • Magazine size increased from 32 rounds to 70 rounds
      • Flak damage increased from to 38 damage to 45 damage
    • Liberator Belly Gun Adjustments:
      • The “dead zone” when pointing the weapon straight down has been reduced by 5 degrees.
    • Misc Balance Adjustments
      • Increased cruising speed on Liberator Racer performance airframe: Previously it was ~7 KPH per rank for a total of 20 KPH at max rank. It has been increased to ~11 KPH per rank for a total of ~35 KPH at max rank.
      • The lock-on time increase for Liberator and Galaxy stealth certifications has increased from 0.25 seconds per rank to 0.375 seconds.
      • Initial fuel cost (the additional fuel cost consumed when activating the afterburner) reduced to 25% of the tanks capacity down from 33%
        • Reduced the amount of fuel consumed per second.
          • Previously a full burn was around 1.5 seconds
          • Now a full burn is around 3 seconds

    Straight-Pull Bolt
    • All bolt-action sniper rifles have a Straight-Pull Bolt attachment option in the Rail slot now
    • The Straight-Pull Bolt attachment allows the sniper to chamber new rounds without breaking aim down sights
    • Straight-Pull Bolt attachments cost 100 CP each

    Shared Vehicle XP
    • Experience for kills are now shared amongst the entire crew of a vehicle, this includes all passengers, but they receive a smaller amount.
    • Experience for assists are now shared amongst the entire crew of a vehicle, excluding passengers. This amount is usually less than the amount awarded for the actual assist.

    • Station Cash prices have been added to Infantry Weapon optics.

    • The “Light anti-tank resistance” has been adjusted on several vehicles. “Light anti-tank” includes L105 Zepher, M40 Fury, M60 Bulldog and Underbarrel Grenade Launchers.
      • Liberator resistance to light anti-tank increased from 0% to 35%
      • Galaxy resistance to light anti-tank increased from 25% to 50%
      • Lightning resistance to light anti-tank decreased from 40% to 30%
    • This change reduces some extreme damage these weapons were able to do against Liberators and Galaxies. While on the other side the Lightning was to resilient against this type of damage, able to withstand as much punishment as an MBT could.
      • Liberators are receiving a few base line resistance increases against heavy hitting damage types.
      • Liberator base resistance to Armor Piercing Rounds increased from -20% to 10%
      • Liberator base resistance to HEAT rounds damage increased from -33% to 10%.
      • Liberator resistance to non lock-on rocket launchers (decimator & default launchers) increased from -87.5% to -70%
    • This change causes two Dalton rounds to now put a Liberator in burning state rather than outright destroy it. Armor piercing tank shells will do less damage per hit, but will still kill in the same amount of hits (except for the lightning AP, which will take one more hit). HEAT rounds require one more shot than their AP counterparts (except for lightning HEAT, which will critical instead). And finally, decimators will no longer two shot Liberators, instead two shots will place it in critical damage.
    • Maintained lock weapons (A2A missiles and Striker) can now maintain an already established lock 300 meters beyond the maximum acquire range (400 meters) against aircraft.
    • Reduced head collision size to lower the amount of unearned headshots
    • The motion sensor now can be resupplied from engi ammo packs and auto-swaps to a weapon after deployment.

    • Coyote Missiles have been updated with new reticule
    • Medics should no longer call out to allies when they throw a heal or revive grenade.
    • Players should no longer call out when repairing their own vehicle from the rumble seat
    • MANA Anti-Vehicle Turret now has a more appropriate icon in the stats page
    • Camo can now be applied to heal and repair tools.
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  2. Jaamaw

    Jaamaw .

    Dec 5, 2011
    I am not pleased with the lib changes.
  3. ThaneKrios

    ThaneKrios idk

    Nov 2, 2013
    I hate the death screen map killcam. they're trying to make infiltrators and using you brain obselete.
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  4. Canvera

    Canvera NNG Data Analyst

    Oct 22, 2012
    Reduced head collision size to lower the amount of unearned headshots.

    Er. I don't like them touching this area. Then again, there has been odd behaviour with the head hitbox anyways but still.
  5. TheCrisisBusiness

    TheCrisisBusiness Yeah, I'm still here

    Jul 10, 2013
    I'm excited to see the new lib weapons. I may get back into libs.
  6. iLLmavic

    iLLmavic .

    Oct 15, 2013
    The Dalton is an AP round, so composite armor is an iwin button vs other libs, taking 4 daltons to kill.
  7. Himofeelia

    Himofeelia .

    Jul 29, 2013
    I like the new lib weapons and change to the back turret.
    making composite > nanites im undecided... it will definitely make a dogfight longer and more skillful/interesting.
    YAY shared xp for all! <3

    Death screen - meh. It will suck for the infiltrators that dont know how to shoot - relocate which is a basic long range tactic. It doesnt really affect any other class because if any other class is sitting in one spot they are doing it wrong.

    700m Lockon is retarded and shouldnt happen if they keep on buffing lockons they need to reduce their dmg by half imo..
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  8. Keleborn

    Keleborn The Italian Stallion

    Nov 10, 2012
    the only good thing they did was add the straight-pull thing for infiltrators
  9. Phaedo

    Phaedo The Weeaboo Hunter

    Jan 27, 2013
    Man oh man. I love those lib changes. <3 AND DAT SPUR. could be super fuckin fun. #TailGunCoyotes
  10. ThaneKrios

    ThaneKrios idk

    Nov 2, 2013
    Now the tailgun isnt a joke!