Tacticool reviews of games n' stuff

Discussion in 'Other Games Main' started by Canvera, May 13, 2015.

Tacticool reviews of games n' stuff

Discussion in 'Other Games Main' started by Canvera, May 13, 2015.

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    Oct 22, 2012
    So Nraged made a comment about me 'n TERA and stuff on the shoutbox saying how I've got a better opinion on it and things.

    Got me thinking, I branch out a lot. Like massively

    So how about I give you guys a run down on absolutely EVERYTHING for the past.. year? Two? or so.
    What I recommend, what I don't what I like what I hated. etc. Here you go!

    Hello and welcome to a comprehensive wall o' wall 'o text.

    Ordered alphabetically for your convenience!

    AirRivals (Aka Ace Online)
    MMO Action RPG flying thing
    This is a game I wasted a lot of time on. You can possibly consider this to be Starfox Online more or less. Except action MMORPG with a heavy emphasis on flying and killing other people.

    There are four aircraft types, gears they're called, and a single character is permanently a pilot of one type.
    For example, the pilot Kuat, is strictly an I-gear pilot, out of the potential types: A, B, I, M.
    If I wanted to fly a B-gear, I need to make an alt. Pretty straightforward.
    The types of gears can be defined as a Bomber, Interceptor, Anti-Air and Medic(support).

    I know this damn game in and out and though I haven't played it in a long time, I still monitor it. It's one of a kind of game.

    There's balance issues, B-gears can shotgun people in the face and potentially one shot, Agears can put out an anti-fun zone, M-gears take FOREVER to kill, and I-gears can be an absolute pain in the ass.

    There are two nations forever at war, and you pick a nation at creation. It's permanent barring exceptional circumstances. Those being the guy in charge saying "RESET". kweh.
    There's a map chain, with gates connecting them and while there are channels, there are no safe spots in channel 0. You're in channel zero, you can be shot by the enemy nation at any time.

    tl;dr, constant war.

    Be warned, this is a korean type game and there was a lot of grinding. It's been reduced recently but levels were.. almost not that big of a deal. Except certain breakpoints, those being the levels 86, 94. Faster engines = better performance, better weapons etc.
    Keep in mind however, I usually was around the level 80-82 for most of my AR career and people had to put in a shitton of effort to kill my paper plane build.

    Skill was a high point, though now there's a lot of gear that influences fights. Hit percentages, miss percentages. It all drives back to a cash shop. Weapons need to be enchanted, but at least there's a shitton of customization in terms of enchanting.

    Typical korean enchanting by the way.
    The first five are free. Anything past that that fails breaks your weapon completely.

    (Shameless self plug)

    It is not without issues of course, and as of the moment I don't know whether I can recommend it or not.

    Currently it's apparently fairly easy to hit level 101. I just can't devote the time or effort to do that right now. Bit of a bitter veteran of this game. Love hate relationship.

    Single player ARPG
    Beautiful game. Best narration. Very story driven but very linear.

    I like this developer by the way and I have a heck of a lot of bias about it. Whee.

    Customization comes in the way of adjusting difficulty, weapons, etc. It's quite a curious story.

    Great music track as well, although you can argue the combat is lacking in depth.

    I do recommend this, should give you a few hours of fun~

    Blacklight: Retribution
    FPS, arena style

    Short TTK, like a few bullets to the face. Futuristic, and everyone has wallhacks.
    Everyone. Yes, even you. You are defenseless when using your wallhack though. It's a neat idea however.

    I just didn't like the style too much after a while. It became stale. Then again, I lone wolf so that's a problem sorta.
    Lots of weapon customization though! Lots.

    I haven't seen it in a while, but it's a fun diversion for a bit

    Divinity Original Sin
    RPG, turn based. Potential co-op

    I haven't finished this. I like it, but it's old-school in the sense that it's hard. Your choices have impact, the beginning is influenced by the types of characters you chose, and the combat is very in depth. The game does not hold your hand.
    Get used to it.

    It's fun but frustrating at times. It's not intuitive for skills and the like, and the world is not random at all. Re-playability is more so on character choice and decisions.

    Some voice acting as well.

    Pretty solid otherwise

    Dragon's Nest

    Anime style to say the least. Gender locked classes, with a shitton of specializations. Downside: It's hosted by Nexon. Upside: At least the lag isn't that bad for this game specifically.

    Now, the thing is, this game may seem easy. Like you know, dungeons you stroll through and stuff maybe. You may think this is for kids. You can do everything right? hah, no.

    Holy crap this game is hard. Brutally hard. Mechanics usually wipe you, if you don't know how to dodge a boss you will die.
    Relevant stuff at level will KICK YOUR ASS. Very hard.

    Again, korean based game. Gear is enhanced. You get to +6 for free. Past that it can break.
    Can downgrade at any time.

    That being said, it's not so bad to gear somewhat relevantly. Although, people will expect unreasonable stats for things.
    Also some classes are way easier to play than others. And there are some glaring balance issues.

    It's pretty solid in terms of fluidity, things feel natural. The only thing is currently it is very burst focused. Bosses move quickly, you can't just sit there and wail on the boss.

    Oh, and the damn thing is very flashy. Party effects, especially in a raid of only 8 people you just can't see. Git rekt.

    You need to play this with friends or other people. Don't do it alone, you will hate everyone at being unable to find their spacebar.

    Dungeons and Dragons
    Pen and paper. RPG
    I run a campaign for this! Also this is nerdy as hell. It's great fun though.
    Just try not to get a Dungeon Master who is sadistic and starts killing people for no reason, or power trips.
    Groups can be hit or miss.

    Fractured Space
    Instanced-based arena space arcade moba
    That's the best tl;dr. No really, you have a team of 5v5, you are killing each other in an attempt to get to the enemy base to capture it.
    Also, Early access.

    It's a fun diversion, but I think it lacks much in the way of explaining things. Just due to my nature of trying to understand things under the hood, I got the game's mechanics, but it's overwhelming at first.
    Ships may seem unbalanced but the main people bitching are those who charge headlong at a sniper using zero cover, using a slow ship, from the whole arena map.

    I mean come on.

    There's not so much in the ways of ship diversity just yet, and it's still being updated. Was fun when I played it though, no friendly matchmaking properly though

    Single player Star trek ship simulator
    A great game. You like ships, lasers and futuristic things? Get this game
    You like roguelikes? Get this game
    You like managing crises? Get this game

    It's great fun, and while yes, you can't save and reload, the tension of the game is great. Make decisions based on risk/reward and do what you want while trying to complete your overarching mission.

    You know what, just get this game.

    RTS, in space
    I grew up on this game, and I love it. Beams, exploding ships, a grand story, this damn thing was ahead of its time.
    It felt revolutionary although the game can take some time to go through a single mission.

    Also, the campaign was a nice touch on bringing your whole fleet with you. So doing well in a mission meant you got to keep everyone you had left into the next one.

    Iris Online
    Pretty straightforward MMORPG. You definitely need some buddies for this, although the official server is dead. A private server is online, and the guy actively develops for this game. It's kinda neat, and it has a gypsy theme, which is unique definitely.

    There's an aspect of flinching in the game so you don't just wail on each other. Not as crazy as say.. Megaten but it's there.

    I have issues levelling and eventually dropped it, since my friends didn't want to play with.

    Grey Goo
    Fun title, has some performance issues. Three factions, definitely has some CnC vibes.

    Performance stopped me from continuing on with this, but the story's premise of grey goo (Nano machine apocalypse), was quite neat. Presentation was good as well.

    I don't know how the later patches have affected the performance issues, I hope it's better to date.

    Left 4 Dead 2
    Pew pew
    What the hell needs to be said for this game, you have zombies, you have guns, and an overarching campaign
    Also it was free on a couple occasions. I mean seriously it's just what it is.

    Mass Effect 1, 2, 3
    Other than the whole shenanigans with how they handled continuity between the series and whatnot, the universe presented was unique and interesting
    I'll admit though, I did not like the constant human focus on this game. Everyone else was basically labeled as idiots or unable to deal with their problems without this pariah or humans coming in to fix everything. And then the focus on earth.

    It's a constant theme thrown around a lot in sci-fi. Humans are special and crap. It's cliche and tiring to be frank.
    Execution was interesting to a degree, although it became apparent that choices stopped mattering after a point.

    A,B,C anyone?

    Multiplayer is fun although instant-kills are occasionally bullshit.

    Payday 2
    Heist simulator

    Shot the cops in the face, rob a bank get money gtfo.
    Fun game, although it can be difficult to fully mod your weapons, and the constant updates and breaking things and stealth not making sense and everything and holy crap man.

    I actually prefer both loud and quiet approaches, and it has a fun tension whenever all that's happening. I just happen to suck at stealth right now.
    Get some friends have a blast

    Planetside 2
    Farming simulator

    Shoot planetmans in face.

    Trinity based action RPG, tank dps heal. The most recent update seems to be good. I left originally because the dungeons and content released took freaking forever.
    And then the dungeons sucked.

    Like sandbag. That's not fun.

    It seems they've fixed this. Catching up and gearing up seems simple enough. You just need to fight some RNG as well. Classes seem somewhat balanced, and it does require you to think. You can't just wail on something most of the time.

    Especially since it's on steam, it's worth a checkout.

    By the way, I'm on Tempest Reach if you're looking.

    Another game by the guys who made Bastion. Great soundtrack, story driven narrative, and the ability to change the difficulty if you want with random challenges.
    It has more indepth combat than Bastion, and really great art.
    Futuristic indeed, but damn man.

    Should grab this game~

    Modding simulator
    Mods mods mods mods mods mods mods.
    Your entire experience depends on mods.
    Find good ones.
    Find ones tailored to you or what you want to do, have fun.

    Oh, and stealth is broken. It's more fun without it

    Strike Suit Zero
    Space combat sim. And you can go gundam on their asses
    Great game in my opinion, but I'm a sucker for space combat sims.
    And yes you can become a gundam essentially but it's meant to be fun for blowing EVERYTHING OUT OF THE SKY.
    Story is eh, but combat is great fun.

    Valkyria Chronicles
    Strategy, turn based tps
    Great story driven game. World war I ish inspired. It's a lot of fun, and the story is the real selling point in my opinion.
    Also how the combat is done. I quite like it, to be honest.

    Similar to Dragon's nest and TERA, this is another action MMO, but out with the whole idea of healers and tanks. You are responsible for your own survival.
    This game is very boss centric. No one gives two shits about the trash mobs, and most fights are you and a boss. Or a bunch of you and a boss.

    So naturally some of this is hit or miss. Some bosses are sandbags, but recently they're starting to show that sandbags aren't fun, let's go for more fun things.

    So let's talk about gear and other things.
    Gear can be dropped by bosses or crafted off of rare parts of bosses etc etc.
    Right now, I would actually recommend holding off on vindictus unless you want to start like right now now.
    Hold off until Season 3 starts. Because at that point it makes it really easy to catch up compared to current. Current 70 gear takes a while to make/annoyance and other things, and for most relevant boss fights people DEMAND some relevant weapon.

    Those people are idiots most of the time.

    Anyhoo, there's also an enchanting and enhancing system.
    +5 is free, +6-7 reset, +8 and above can break.
    Enchant scrolls up to A cannot break anything above breaks (9,8,7).

    You may note that they also do a hex type system for ranking. It's neat. :3

    Combat is pretty straighforward and is very fluid.

    I'm on East btw.

    XCOM Enemy Within
    Tacticool alien BBQ simulator.
    Good old XCOM.

    And to make matters worse, I'm just going to point at this guy:

    And run away.

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    wonderful info, and as usual you are are one wordy person! well done, only one thing I saw missing GOAT SIMULATOR!!!
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    Oct 22, 2012
    Never played goat simulator. So I have no opinion on it right now.
    Other than perhaps a physics I'm broken simulator.
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    What do mean an DM on a power trip, are you taling to me ????