Meet the Officers!

Discussion in 'PS2 1.0 Archive' started by Jaamaw, Feb 10, 2013.

Meet the Officers!

Discussion in 'PS2 1.0 Archive' started by Jaamaw, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Jaamaw

    Jaamaw .

    Dec 5, 2011
    This is a thread meant for you to meet your officers!

    Your NNG officers are here to help you and the outfit grow, but also keep NNG true to its founding principles. Officers are not only expected to to be leaders within the community, but also squad leaders and platoon leaders within the game. NNG is stepping it up and it requires you to take charge to keep us moving forward. Officers are held to a higher standard than our members and if anyone feels they may be overstepping their roles or duties to serve NNG, please feel free to PM me or the appropriate person to take care of it. If you are confused about anything here, PM me.

    Recruiter: Lead platoons or lead "open- recruitment squads" for recruiting new members. Brings in new members from the site to the platoon and the platoon to TS and to the site. Allows for a friendly atmosphere where new members feel comfortable and understand NNG's principles and ideologies.

    Outfit Tactician: This means you will be expected to understand battlefield scenarios and help instruct platoon/squad leader on an appropriate counter to an enemies move. More effective as a squad leader rather than a platoon leader, these officers will usually be seen in squad lead positions. Outfit Tacticians are also responsible to be active on the forums, supplying our officers and members with information (eg where is best to position sunderer during assault of certain type, or coming up with outfit game plans to be utilized) which will keep them at the game.

    Inter-outfit relations: These officers are expected to keep us in good reputation with other outfits, keep in touch with them for events and maintain our public relations. Knowledge on of our factions outfits, who they are led by and whether or not they are within the VSA (Vanu Sov. Alliance) is crucial to working as a faction. These officers should utilize the VSA comm channel when in-game and MUST have Command Channel in game.

    Your current officer role list: Jaamaw (VS), Mustarde(TR), SeansBacon(NC)
    Competitive Team Manager:
    Competetive Team Coach: ThaneKrios

    Outfit tacticians: Kuat(Canvera), Himofeelia, Sithian,Warsonic
    Recruiters: Shuzaah
    Inter-outfit relations: Eienstein
    TS Moderators: All Officers

    On this thread, Officers and secondary roles will post their favorite infantry class, their favorite vehicle and a little bit they want to remember you by. Here is mine:

    Name: Master Vanu Scientist, High Templar Jaamaw
    Favorite Classes: Engineer (support/vehicle play) or Light Assault (Kills kills kills)
    Favorite Vehicle: Magrider (Magburner fully upgraded) or Liberator (shreddin breh)

    I will always be a die hard commander, fighting along side those I ask to follow me; you can catch me at the front of the line, leading the charge or placing beacons. You may also spot me on top of buildings or hard to reach places in my Magrider, gettin that perfect shot for all those kills. I enjoy troop transport (ground and air) and will rarely leave a man behind.
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  2. Canvera

    Canvera NNG Data Analyst

    Oct 22, 2012
    Name: Kuat
    Favourite Classes: Engineer. Almost always, but I do different roles occasionally on what is needed.
    Favourite vehicle: Scythe\Lightning.

    I am a literal jack of all-trades. I roll most often with a shotty however, since I usually get close and personal. Or I'm in the sky blowing people up.
    If I'm in the platoon and you cry for ammo, I will be there. If you cry for a sunderer to go boom, I will attempt to tank mine it.
    If you cry about a bunch of guys on a hill, I will roll a HE lightning with stealth behind them.

    Because I'm a dick and I play to win. :D
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  3. Phaedo

    Phaedo The Weeaboo Hunter

    Jan 27, 2013
    Name: PhaedoUltio (Just Phaedo is fine, preferred actually) Pronunciation: Fay-Doh
    Class: Heavy Assault
    Vehicle: A2G Scythe and the Magrider

    I am a very headstrong, sometimes maybe even overconfident, and optimistic leader. This said, I will rarely surrender a facility to the enemy no matter how grim the situation looks. I will try my best to find a weakness and cripple their assault. If their force is unbreakable in its current position, I will fight them the entire way, hex by hex, and bleed their resources, and counterattack viciously, and without mercy. As a heavy assault I will always be on the front line and doing my best to turn the situation of the fight in our favor.

    "All the batteries I need hunh??? Time to put that to the test."
  4. Eienstein

    Eienstein ION Leader, Master of Event Spamming, Aussie

    Jun 8, 2013
    Name : Eienstein
    Favorite Classes : Medic & Infiltrator
    Favorite Vehicles : SwagRider

    G'day, I'm Eienstein, I am an outfit relations officer, and the leader of ION. Just a warning, I am Australian, so time difference means that I am 12 hours ahead of you yanks. I can lead platoons if need be so, you will probably find me leading platoons at 3 in the morning. I like talking, a lot, that's why I am Liaison officer. My best class is medic, which I will play if you need me to. If you have complaints about the repetitive killing by the same person, Come to me with evidence and I will speak to that outfit for you; I can usually sort these things out. Got any ideas for a fun server wide stuff, come and speak to me. And if you want to hear my accent, just ask.

    Well, apparently I need to add that I am not European onto this, after somebody assumed that I was European
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  5. Sithian

    Sithian That one guy.

    Feb 3, 2014
    Name: Sithian, also it's Sith-ian, not Sith-in. (Just call me Sith everyone does)
    Favorite Classes: Heavy Assault, Light Assault, Engineer
    Favorite Vehicles: Vanguard, Reaver, Lightning

    Hey guys I'm Sith and I usually run squads focused on having fun, messing around, and getting things done. I've been gaming since I got my PlayStation 2 and have been addicted ever since. I may be young compared to most of you in the outfit, but don't take that as a disadvantage as I pride myself on being respectful, humble and helpful to anyone who might need it. If anyone wants to have a farm filled NC session and I'm in the channel don't be scared to ask me for an invite and we'll get to farming some pubbies.
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  6. Mustarde

    Mustarde .

    Feb 12, 2014
    Name: Mustarde
    Favorite Classes: Infiltrator
    Favorite Vehicles: Flash, Prowler

    Hey everyone, I'm Mustarde. Prior to NNG I spent most of my time in BWC on the TR, a large and highly organized outfit. I lead the infiltrator-only division there and have spent 75% of my game time as an infil. I now lead our TR division and am responsible for recruiting, getting your alts into NNGT and providing a quality experience for those of us who bleed red and hate science/freedom.

    I also help with our competitive team as one of the tacticians. My pathologic obsession with PS2 has given me some perspective on battle flow and strategy, things I try to help Jaamaw with. On Live, I tend to let others lead the squad or platoon, and provide assistance with recon.

    I'm here in part because of the great competitive team Jaamaw has built. But I'm also here for the community, and will do anything I can to make this a better place for all of you. If you ever need help or have questions, please send me a PM or talk to me in-game. Sometimes I get distracted by farming but if you just get my attention and tell me to stop farming scrubs for a second, I will take time for any of you :)
  7. Shuzaah

    Shuzaah .

    May 13, 2014
    Name: Shuzaah (or my birth name SHitUza)
    Favorite Classes: Engineer, Medic, Heavy Assault
    Favorite Vehicles: Lightning, Vanguard, Reaver

    Hey guys I'm Shuz and I will be coming aboard as one of the outfit tacticians. I mainly play NC so those within [JCST] more than likely know me by now. Prior to joining [NNG] I founded and co-led a small outfit called [XRD] where we focused on being a flexible, small squad outfit, running a mix of public and private squads.

    I focus heavily on support game-play and the use of armor on live. At the same time I really try to put the "combat" into combat engineer, using a variety of tools at my disposal to be a nuisance beyond repairing MAXes and throwing ammo every 10 seconds. I like finding unique ways to help craft classes to fit any one person's play-style and look forward to assisting those who may be looking to find their niche or explore new classes. I also play with [NNG] on our PAL team as engie/medic, as competitive gameplay is where I find the most enjoyment in Planetside2. Jaamaw and the other officers have set up a fantastic system to train and grow as an outfit and community and I encourage everyone to attend our teambuilding, practices, scrims, etc.

    All in all, I have not been in [NNG] as long as many others, but I have found myself very comfortable in the environment and community that has been created so I hope to help foster that for everyone else. Always feel free to hop in channel with me to chat, make Stew360 jokes, and have fun. I look forward to running squads with everyone, having a great time, and showing all our Spandex-wearing NNG ppl what the Smurfs are really made of. Shituzah out!

    P.S. Don't forget to ask me how I get my sticky nades so sticky.
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  8. ThaneKrios

    ThaneKrios idk

    Nov 2, 2013
    With my role changing to be more defined I thought it would be good to make a new post!

    So, I am head coach of competitive team [​IMG]
    You'll see me in the competitive squads mostly and you'll sometimes see me leading them! If you're thinking of becoming more competitive in PS2 come talk to me! send me a PM or a poke on Teamspeak and I'll help you out with everything from 1v1s to leading squads. I main medic and generally play support classes but I can play any infantry class, can use any vehicle that isn't a ESF and when I am leading your squad were going to the best fight and the best farm!
  9. Warsonic

    Warsonic Master of Disguises

    Apr 1, 2014
    Name: Warsonic
    Favorite Classes: Infiltrator
    Favorite Vehicles: Prowler (Wartarde)

    Hey guys, i'm Warsonic. I'll be stepping in as the TR tactician. If you don't know my story, Well I started off in VG but left due to them being negative to anyone who plays Infiltrator. I then joined BWC for the Infiltrator division! I main Infil if you don't already know.

    If you need to know anything about Infil I would be happy to talk with you.I am also a master of ESF (totally not) I have no problem talking to anyone who has problems with anything at all with in game problems or just not getting along with someone else. Don't hesitate to pm me anywhere. Twitter, forums, ts or in game.

    I know alot of you already but look forward to fighting alongside everyone in the future. once again don't hesitate to talk to me if you need anything.