NNG F2P Game Night!

Discussion in 'Main' started by Nraged, May 21, 2015.

NNG F2P Game Night!

Discussion in 'Main' started by Nraged, May 21, 2015.

  1. Nraged

    Nraged I fly things

    Dec 17, 2012
    Hi guys!

    This goes to all NNG members and friends of NNG. You don't have to be a part of our community to participate.

    NNG is a gaming community and you know what we do best? WE PLAY VIDEO GAMEZ!

    My idea is kind of rough around the edges so I would need everyone's input.

    There are plenty of F2P games and some of us play them all the time and some of us don't, but we all get together from time to time to have fun. My idea was born back in booming days of War Thunder when we had a lot of great players in our squadron, but I personally never got the chance to meet them due to the difference of game modes.
    What I would like to propose is a FTP Game night and here are my thoughts:

    We pick a day of the week when we would all get together and literally, everyone is welcome.
    Lets just say that we pick Sunday as a day of the week, so from Monday through Thursday we would hold a vote and decide which game we would like to play just for one night. From Thu to Sat we would identify THE HOST! That person would be responsible for answering all the questions about the game we choose and be able to guide everyone through a noobie content. During that time people would download the game, work on their settings/keybinds, do some reading about the game and do whatever is needed to play. What I mean by that is, lets say we pick a game like Smite, which has a tutorial and it takes about 30 min to complete it in order for you to be able to play with others. So that would be the only requirement aside from the game being Free and Free to Play.

    Please let me know what you guys think, since I purposely didn't start the vote poll. I would like to see/hear thoughts, ideas and how can we make this work or why we would say "FUCK IT".

    No one is required to participate if you don't like the game we choose. Its ok to sit out. So lets say we pick Minecraft, the game I don't really like (fuck you!), I would just sit out and not worry about it and wait for next week

    I don't see any downside to this and this will promote friendship and fun IMHO :) and may be, just may be Ajax will make internet love to me again <3
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  2. Phaedo

    Phaedo The Weeaboo Hunter

    Jan 27, 2013
    I think this is something we can definitely incorporate into our existing game nights. Our only present issue being that of how many participants we have.

    But overall I do like this idea
  3. Keleborn

    Keleborn The Italian Stallion

    Nov 10, 2012
    it would need to be announced what game so that people can have time to actually download the client
  4. Hospiwhater

    Hospiwhater .

    May 17, 2014
    I fully endorse this idea. I can no longer be in charge of my version of it and I am glad someone else had the same idea

    EDIT:: one thing that stopped me from doing it more is that I didn't want to feel like I was forcing anyone into it. People joined when I asked them to, then the next week I waited for people to show up and no one did. We can do that, but remember that NNG can get pretty flaky on this sort of thing.
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