The fix is coming and here is the info regarding dojo building

Discussion in 'WarFrame' started by 1stVirus, Jul 8, 2013.

The fix is coming and here is the info regarding dojo building

Discussion in 'WarFrame' started by 1stVirus, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Jan 16, 2012
    The Dojo System brought with it the unlimited growth of clans, a problem we’ve known has needed solving for a while. The resources did not tier based on clan size, which has been an issue since day one.

    Continued growth will create additional technical issues (Consider the scenario of a 7000 person clan all being on at the same time, that is 7000 unique connections hitting the game server and each other all at the same time). A lot of highly-populated clans have attested to contact list and matchmaking issues, a problem that will only get worse with unlimited clan growth. Furthermore, complications emerge in events like this weekend’s when we want to have fair competition.

    We are implementing something to fix all of this soon. The solution we have creates a new system: Alliances (Coming Soon!). Alliances have unbounded growth with no technical issues. Alliances can have an infinite numbers of Clans. Clans will be divided up by size and can have up to 1000 members.

    The different sized tiers will be as follows:

    Shadow Clan (up to 10)
    Mountain Clan (up to 100)
    Moon Clan (up to 1000)

    Resources required to build Dojo components will multiply by 10 with each tier (i.e. A Shadow Clan needs 1 Ferite, Mountain Clan needs 10 Ferite, Moon Clan needs 100 Ferite.) You can increase your tier by building a larger Clan Hall.

    If you are in a current clan with over 1000, you will be split up into separate units of up to 1000; the choice is up to the clan members which unit they join. The original Warlord of the clan will be the founder of the Alliance, and all split-clans can join the Alliance if they choose to remain a whole like-minded and goal-oriented unit.

    If your clan is affected by this (presently 13 clans have more than 1000 members, and of these 13, 3 will have to create more than 2 Clans), your Dojo will be copied for your new Clan so no work on your original Dojo is lost.

    TL;DR? Clan size tiers coming, three tiers of clans will exist. Resources will scale per tier. Current clans with 1000 + members will be the first to form “Allainces”, a new system to allow unbounded growth. All Coming Soon!


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